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Henri Bergius: Reprogramming the hackerspace: MsgFlo IoT workshops at c-base and Bitraf

This July we’re organizing two hack weekends around MsgFlo and Flowhub:

Both of these will focus on reprogramming the Internet of Things setup of the hackerspace. The aim is to connect more devices at the spaces to the MsgFlo environment, and come up with new connections between systems, and ways to visualize them.

If you’re interested, feel welcome to join! Bring your own laptop. For the Bitraf event, please register on the Meetup page.

c-base disco mode

Focus areas

  • MsgFlo IoT and new functionality — connecting internet services with MsgFlo, adding new smarts to the hackerspace IoT setup. Skills: Python, Node.js, Rust
  • Hardware hacking: — connecting more devices with MsgFlo. Skills: microcontroller programming, electronics
  • Information displays — new infoscreen designs, data visualizations. Skills: web design, React.js, Django
  • Mobile app — bringing the hackerspace IoT functionality to mobile. Skills: Android
  • Woodworking: — new cases, mounts, decorations for various systems. Skills: woodworking, painting

You don’t have to an expert to participate. We’ll be there to help you get up to speed!

More information

c-flo station at c-base

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