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free software - Bits of Freedom: My Debian Application (anno 1998)

Digging around in some files, in a dark corner of my hard drive, I found my application as a Debian Developer, sent the 18th of April 1998:


this is a request for a registration as an official Debian developer. I'm currently working with the Sparc port of Debian and expect to make sure that all Debian packages compiles and is released for Sparc. Attached below is my PGP key. I have read the Debian Social Contract and have also retrieved and looked at the Debian Policy Manual and the Debian Packaging Manual. I'd like to be subscribed to debian-private as jonas@coyote.org, which is my primary mail address. My preferred login name on master is 'jonas', but 'oberg' will work aswell if the preferred login name is already taken. Also attached below is a /signed/ version of my PGP Public key by debian developer Björn Brenander.

Thank you,


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